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Contact Lens Experts

Contact Lens Experts

Contact lenses provide the optical benefits of regular spectacles but with the flexibility to move around without worrying about the glasses falling off. They’re often the choice for people who engage in sports, particular work places that require more freedom, wearing safety equipment, or for aesthetic purposes.
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Easy Ordering

At Harrison & Graham Optometrists we’re about seeing well with no fuss. That’s why we offer the ability to place your next order of contact lenses over email, or by phone. There’s no need to come into our Jervois Road store except to pick them up and pay. Or if you select the courier option, we can deliver them right to you.

Yes, the future is here and you can see it all in clear vision with Harrison & Graham Optometrists today. Contact our experienced staff to see how you can upgrade your vision to any one of our contact lens solutions.

Multi-focal Lenses

Now with the Harrison & Graham Optometrists range of contact lens solutions, it needs not be overlooked any more. Our range now includes multi-focal contact lenses, making them viable for all ages. Contact our friendly team today to discuss how to make the transition to contact lenses and which of our range will best suit your needs.
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